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This product was designed by us to clean the wrestlers' shoes prior to their stepping on a wrestling mat or into the wrestling room.

When was the last time your wrestlers cleaned their wrestling shoes? Now think about all the places those shoes have been: the locker room, the bathroom, on unclean wrestling mats. The list can go on and on. THE SOLE MAT is designed to help rid the shoes of those contaminates in a quick and easy manner and at the same time improve the wrestlers' shoe traction on the mat. THE SOLE MAT is perfect for tournaments too where problems often occur due to poor hygiene.

HOW DOES IT WORK? THE SOLE MAT is constructed of high-quality rubber and sits in a specially made tray for easy and convenient use. Its special construction incorporates over 10,500 3/8 inch rubber scrapers and holds up to one gallon of cleaner. Just place THE SOLE MAT inside your wrestling room (on a non slip surface, like the wresting mat) or in a staging area if involved in a tournament or match setting. Prior to wrestlers stepping on the mat, they should wipe their feet on the THE SOLE MAT. The wrestler can then step off the THE SOLE MAT and onto the specially designed drying mat to finish the cleaning process and to remove any excess water. This drying mat will hold up to one gallon of water. After the match or practice is over, just hang the mats up to drain any retained water.
ONE, TWO, THREE and they are done. Their shoes will be cleaned, their traction becomes better and the wrestling mat's hygiene is improved. 

Sole Mat is 36"x27".

COST:  $294.00 per unit.
Price includes THE SOLE MAT, SOLE MAT TRAY and DRYING MAT. TO Order>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>




THE SOLE MAT sits in a steel tray and comes with a 24" x 36" drying mat. Additional Drying Mats can be purchased for $41.50.

Recommended Cleaner

KENCLEAN PLUS is the only cleaner to be used in the THE SOLE MAT. THE SOLE MAT was designed with KENCLEAN PLUS in mind. Its concentrated cleaning detergents make it the product of choice. We recommend that you dilute 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon of water with 2 ounces of KENCLEAN PLUS then put the solution into THE SOLE MAT. A fresh solution of KENCLEAN PLUS should be made daily under normal conditions. In a tournament setting a fresh solution every four hours is recommended. After each use THE SOLE MAT should be rinsed out in cold water.



COST:  $294.00 per unit.

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