Motivational Products


"Heart" WWPR Poster

Cost:  $7.95

"I Don't Like You" WWPG Poster

Cost:  $7.95

"No Goalie" WWPY Poster

Cost:  $7.95

Match Results Chart w/ 450 stickers

Cost:  $40.00

Coaches Pins

Cost:  $99.95/set of 200

Achievement Pins

Cost:  $100.00/set

Jack Cuvo Photo (signed)

Cost:  $10.00

Jack Cuvo Poster (signed)

Cost:  $5.00

Reversal The Movie
slay.gif (37422 bytes)
020004A-01 - Gold Medal Series: Brandon Slay: "Offensive Attack"
slay2.gif (36375 bytes)
020004A-04 - Gold Medal Series: Brandon Slay: "Defense"
smith.gif (34980 bytes)
020004A-03 - Gold Medal Series: John Smith: "How Low Can You Go? II"
cross.gif (34579 bytes)
020004A-02 - Gold Medal Series: Kendall Cross: "Exposed"

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