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XELR8 Hydrate Drink

The thirst-quenching sports drink originally developed exclusively for pro athletes is now available to you. This is the drink Curt Schilling uses on game days to help him on the mound, and it’ll help you perform like a champ in everything you do. Now you can give it your all, because XELR8 delivers hydration before, during and after your most extreme activity.*
Electrolytes vs. Sugar. We have a winner

XELR8 is formulated without sugar for maximum hydration and optimum performance. And because electrolytes hydrate so efficiently, XELR8 has four of them—double the number of the leading sugary sports drink.* Electrolytes assist the sodium-potassium and magnesium-calcium “water pumps” in your body. Igniting these dynamic duos without sugar allows your body to hydrate with no side affects like bloating or energy crashes. And XELR8 is mixed in sixteen ounces of water, for some of the healthiest hydration you can put in your body.*

Servings per Container: 30 jar (Hy046) / 20 box (Hy047)
Cost: $39.95

XELR8 Energy Drink

The XELR8 Nutritional Energy Drink. The healthy alternative to energy drinks. Get a burst of power plus the awesome anti-aging benefits of antioxidants.*

XELR8 gives you the punch of a powerful energy drink like Red Bull® and the pick-me-up of the strongest Starbucks® Coffee, but without all the sugar, calories or super-high levels of harsh caffeine. It’s mouth-watering " Extreme Green" lemon-lime flavor is radically delicious and quenches the deepest thirst. XELR8 is packed with nutritional sources of energy that are good for you so you can kick into high gear without worrying about spikes, crashes or unhealthy side-effects. And XELR8 does more than energize. It has the anti-aging benefits of some of the greatest antioxidant drinks out there.* Plus, they’ve added nutrients that make it even healthier, including The FRS® Complex, a patented formula that energizes, while providing an ORAC value of 6,000, equivalent to 3 servings of blueberries or 8 servings of raspberries. *

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Chill while you kill.
Because of its high antioxidant value, XELR8 Nutritional Energy Drink helps to de-stress your body while it energizes. When you’re pushing yourself all day long, you’re producing free radicals that eat away at your cell and muscle tissue. But, the extreme high ORAC value means that XELR8 aids in neutralizing those free radicals so you can eliminate them from your body. The unique blend of powerful XELR8 antioxidents may help to prevent muscle breakdown. So you can build energy up without tearing tissue down.

XELR8. And step on it.
Feeling run down? Stressed out? Need an extra boost? Drink XELR8, the healthy alternative to energy drinks, and get a burst of power plus the awesome anti-aging benefits of antioxidants.

*Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Quantity: 20 servings per Container
Cost: $49.95

XCELR8 PowerMeal

Balanced, complete nutrition that's easy to mix and good to eat.

XELR8 is more than a meal replacement. It is the perferct meal. When you want a healthy, satisfying plate of food but don't have time to cook, all you have to do is XERLR8.*

Food. Only better.

You need a variety of nutrition from various food sources to maintain optimum health, energy and vitality. And there is nothing better for the human body than nutrient-rich whole foods in their balanced, natural state, the kind of nourishing ingredients packed into the XELR8 Nutritional Power Meal.*
With its delicious, blended recipe, XELR8 is a low-calorie source of 27 vitamins and minerals just as nature intended.* Each serving gives you several helpings of fruits, vegetables, and all the other foods you need to thrive. *

XELR8 mixes quickly and easily. You don’t need a blender. Just stir it with a spoon or shake it up in the XELR8 shaker. Then get going. This healthy, nutritious superfood stays with you and keeps you full until your next meal.

Servings per Container: 12
Cost: $49.95

XELR8 Weight Mgt. Snack

Love to snack but feel like you’re cheating? Not anymore. XELR8 makes it healthy for you to indulge your cravings and manage your weight at the same time. The XELR8 snack is a tasty chew that satisfies your sweet tooth, elevates your mood, and helps you feel full. You’re only human.

You know what to eat. You know how to exercise. What is keeping you from your goal? You succumb to temptation. Why? It’s natural: you’re depriving your body of nutrients it needs. The cravings you feel are healthy and normal. You just have to eat, especially when you’re under stress between meals. But XELR8 overcomes those cravings, helps you feel satisfied mentally and physically, and makes it easy to manage your weight.

 Sugar-free, low in fat and calories
  · Promotes a sense of contentment and well being*
  · Satisfies hunger—makes you feel full
  · Helps eliminate sugar and carb cravings

The XELR8 Nutritional Weight Management Snack is a sweet and delicious raspberry-chocolate chew that contains SeroTONEä, a healthy, proprietary complex that works with your body’s natural levels of serotonin. * Serotonin elevates your mood, so you feel better.* And when you feel good, you make smarter eating decisions.

Servings per Container: 34
Cost: $39.95

XELR8 Build Formula

When you step into the gym, you want to make it count. Here’s how. Protein-based and bursting with power, the XELR8 Building Formula is for people who are prepared to work their bodies to full capacity. Enjoy its rich vanilla or chocolate flavor before or after your workout, and feel the difference in muscle tone, strength and flexibility.

From catabolic to anabolic in 60 seconds

Weightlifters know that if you want to build your muscles, you have to break them down. That post-workout catabolic state is where The XELR8 Building Formula really shines. A special blend of four separate complexes feeds your muscles when and where they need it most. It puts you right back into anabolic build-up, allowing your body to replenish, repair, and fully recover, bigger and better than you were before.

The XELR8 Building Formula offers 42 solid grams of quality protein in every serving. But that’s not all. It’s actually three formulas in one:

Build: XELR8 consists of 5 different protein sources carefully balanced to help support maximum lean muscle gains.
  · Burn: XELR8 combines 3 metabolic enhancers that promote the conversion of body fat to instant energy.
    Bounce Back: XELR8 is specifically designed to reduce the recovery time and allow for optimal rebuilding.

With XELR8, you get the full muscle-building benefits of all three complexes combined in one ready-to-rumble system.

Contents: 18  servings per container,  Choice of Vanilla or Chocolate
Cost: $49.95

How can over 350 athletes be wrong?
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