We are to wrestling clubs as private schools are to public schools.


Congratulations To Anthony Marino Cuvo club member119lbs 2010 PIAA State Runner-Up 2010.

Congratulations to Jordan Oliver 2011 NCAA Champion and former Cuvo club member.

Congratulations to Damion Hopper, Cuvo club member, 2011 4th in the PIAA AA States at 135 Lbs.

Congratulations to Brett Marino, Cuvo club member 7th in the PIAA AAA States at 103 Lbs. 

We are looking for a wrestler that wants to learn one system of wrestling other than their own team. We are not looking for club jumpers. We are not looking for people to come to our club to practice one time and get your money and we are not interested in people that are interested in attending one time to scout our loyal wrestlers. We will compliment your own team, but our system does not work with wrestlers attending varies clubs at one time.

Our club looks for loyalty and communication on a daily basis of what our kids are doing. If you do not have that, you will not fit in at our club. We are looking out for your best interest and not our pocket book.

Our sole purpose is for the long time development of a wrestler and not just your payment for one night.




Class Hour Information


Now going 5 days a week and tournaments on weekends.

 Our Primary Focus is scholastic wrestling this time of year, however, we offer Freestyle, Greco, and Women's during the post season. Women wrestlers accepted any time of year.


All classes on Sunday, Tuesday,  and Thurs are held at 1818 Butler Street in Easton.

(Brand new)$10 pay as you go per visit.

Please note new Club hours as of 04-02-11

Class Type


Age / Experience Level

Sunday Group Classes (walk-ins accepted).



Elementary(12 years old and under)


6-8   PM

  Jr. High & High School (13 and up)

                              Tuesday Group Classes (Walk ins accepted).


7:30-9 PM

Jr. High & High School (13 and up)



Thursday Group Classes (Walk ins accepted).



Elementary(12 years old and under)

Group 7:30-9 PM          Jr. High & High School (13 and up)

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday Group Class:  Consists of walk-ins as well as membership holders. 

 Individual attention is stressed.  "We are to wrestling as private schools are to public schools."

Are you tired of being in a room with 40 kids? How can anyone become a master of moves with no oversight?  We have 2-3 coaches most times with even our semi-private groups.

"Jack's system, is a system that is proven one of the most effective in the area for kids that want the maximum private attention and the fine points that they are not getting in the room.  Also, if you know a wrestler that  is placing 2nd's, 3rd's and 4th's and not winning a tourney, our system will get you to that next level by making a commitment."


We are getting a great response with teams doing their own small groups.  The more kids you bring with your team the better price.  We can also schedule your own class with just your guys and the team coach can assist.

 Call Jack if you would like to start your own group.  A minimum of 4 kids needed to do this and we usually sign up a month at a time and do the same time each week for a month.  If you are a coach or parent and would like to bring your own group, you can even help and work with Jack.


We have had teams from Bethlehem Catholic, Regal Ridge Rams Midgets, P'burg HS and Nazareth to name a few.  These classes generally work out great as the coaches may attend and help assist Jack with their own team.

Call us at 610-438-3055 to schedule today or email Jack at jackcuvo@enter.net

School address is 1818 Butler St, Easton, Pa. 18042.  We are actually located in Wilson Borough, we are right up the street from Wilson HS and Easton HS and located behind John Cuvo's Barbershop and right next to Lafayette Ambassador Bank.

"Come join our growing club"

Shaking up the wrestling world in progress!!!

Congrats to our female wrestler Samantha Klingel  for placing 1st in the United States Girls Wrestling Association National Championships on April 1st, 2007 at Livonia, Michigan.

Click here to read the article on Samantha in the Pocono Record on May 13th, 2007.

Pocono Record - Clinging to a dream

Congrats to Matt Yocco for winning the prestigious Schalles pinning award for the 2nd straight year. Matt had 32 pins in 46  bouts.

Read the article in Pennsylvania Wrestling News magazine on below link on Matt.

Schalles - PA Pinner Award


Great job guys!!!







Congrats to our Present and past HS club members!!!

Kyle John, HS. District and Regional Champion and 5th place in states!!

Desmond Moore, HS. District and Regional Champion and 3rd in states!!!(Only wrestled 2 years) (Simply amazing!!)

JP Palandrano, HS. District  Champion as a sophomore!!!

Matt Yocco, HS. District  Champion, 5th in Regionals and state qualifier!!!

Nick Yocco, HS. District  Champion, Regional Runner-up and 8th in states!!!

Bryan Smith, HS. District Runner-up and 4th in Regional and state qualifier as a sophomore!!!

Griffin Panicucci, HS District and Regional Runner-up and state qualifier as a Sophomore (JV's this year?) Not a chance!!!

Sean Smith, HS District and Regional Runner-up and state qualifier!!!

Zane Yocco, HS District Runner-up and Regional Runner-up and 7th place as only a freshman!!!(First Brandywine wrestler to ever place as a freshman)

Anthony Marino, HS 4th in Districts and 4th place in Regionals as a freshman !!!!

Evan Kolb, HS 4th in Districts and Regional qualifier!!!

Anthony Laverghetta, 6th place in Districts




Congrats to our JR HS club members!!!

Brett Marino, JR. HS District Champion!!!

Matt Martoccio, JR HS District Champion!!!

Peter Stanley, JR HS 4th in Districts!!!

Elliott Riddick, 6th place in Districts





Congrats to our present and past Elementary club members!!!

Benny Palandrano, Ocean Township NJ League Champion!!!

Jack Hill, Valley Elementary League Champion!!!

Keith Hird, East Penn League Champion!!!

Robbie Rizzolino, Valley League Champion!!!

Nate Kemmerer, Easton Penn League Champion!!!

Zack Kemmerer, East Penn League Champion!!!

Brandon Paetzell, North West Jersey Midget League Champion (wrestled only 15 months)!!!

Jack Dunn, Long Valley Wolfpack League Champion!!!

Max Nauta, North West Jersey Midget League champion!!!

Justin Pidoto, North West Jersey Midget League champion!!!

Collyn Dorney,  East Penn League Runner-up!!!

Diego Santiago, North West Jersey Midget League Runner-up!!!

Austin Pidoto,  North West Jersey Midget League 4th place!!!



Congrats to our Elementary club members that participated in the Kids states in 2007

Max Nauta, Runner up in New Jersey kids states.

Justin Pidoto, 4th place in New Jersey Kids states

Zack Kemmerer, 4th place in PA kids states (PJW'S)

Collyn Dorney, 5th place in PA kids states (PJW'S)
Nick Cortepassi, 7th place in New Jersey States

Congrats to our Junior HS club member that participated in the Kids states 2007

Matt Martoccio, 5th place in PA kids states (PJW"S)


(Still posting the rest, if you do not see your name or someone else's name that is a committed member, let us know)


Are you tired of working out in a room with 40 kids and 2 coaches?
You may be paying what you think is the same or less at another club. But are you? An apple is an apple. An orange is an orange. Compare an apple to an apple and orange to an orange. Example, $10 for a class size of 40 is not the same as $10 for a class size of 15. Think about it. You get what you pay for!

We are  looking for people that will follow Jack's system and their own elementary team. 


Come join the longest, continuous running,  year round, wrestling club in the Lehigh Valley and join us as we compete in upcoming tournaments.  We provide expert coaching for tourneys at no charge.







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